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7-Pass Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar)

A golf troop favorite, the minivan is perfect for a group of 4 with clubs. Picking up at Sky Harbor (or surrounding airports) makes it easy!

People: 7 Bags: 4

This 7-passenger Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar) will comfortably fit 4 golfers with clubs and luggage. Without clubs, 7 passengers + 4 suitcases. Please ask us for pricing related to your golf package!

Pickup and Drop off at the following airports:
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX)
Scottsdale Airport(SCF)
Mesa Falcon Field (MSC)
Mesa Gateway (AZA)
Tucson Airport (TUS)
Flagstaff Airport (FLG)

Inclusive Rate Items
Tax - Included
Drivers - 2 Free Included
Time & Distance - Included
No Charge Distance - Included
Maintenance Fee 0.70/day - Included
Customer Facility Charge 6.00/day - Included
Concession Recovery Fee 11.11% - Included
Stadium Surcharge - Included
Vehicle License Surcharge 5 % - Included
Trans Priv Tax (10.30%) - Included
Guaranteed Base Rate - Included
Unlimited Miles - Included

Additional Items
Collision Damage Waiver Full ($24.99/Day) - Most Popular Addition
Extended Protection ($13.95/Day)
Roadside Plus ($4.99/Day)
Booster Seat ($9.99/Day; $60.00/Max Amt)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset ($1.25/Rental)
Infant Seat ($9.99/Day; $60.00/Max Amt)
Child/toddler Seat ($9.99/Day; $60.00/Max Amt)
Gps Navigation Device ($11.99/Day; $69.65/Week; $179.99/Max Amt)
Pai/pec ($5.50/Day)
Return Fuel at any level ($3.41/gal)

Pricing will depend on what day and time you pickup and return the vehicle. Please ask us for pricing related to your golf package!